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NUU Mobile’s unlocked phones are designed to optimize battery life but following these tips will keep you going longer.

As cell phone batteries improve we tend to find more ways to push the limits in computing power. The batteries get smaller and more powerful, but the applications and components in today’s smartphones have also improved. The screens have more pixels and the colors are more vibrant than ever, the apps and games have become awesome and complex, which drains your phone’s battery at an accelerated pace.

The NUU Mobile team put together some tips for you to get the most out of your phone’s battery life. Follow these suggestions and avoid that pesky low battery notification all day.

  1. Turn off auto-brightness. Although a convenient feature, you will save more battery life by manually brightening the screen when outdoors and dimming when indoors.
  2. Restart your device. Be sure to turn off your phone occasionally—your phone works hard, give it a break.
  3. Turn off app notifications for apps you don’t use on a regular basis. These apps run in the background, taking up battery usage.
  4. See what’s using the most battery. Check out what percentage of your battery is being used by what. If there’s an app or feature that you don’t use often and is taking up a large percentage, consider deleting or turning off.
  5. Reduce polling—by changing the setting the setting from automatic to manual for email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., these mediums will not update when you’re not in the app.
  6. Turn off unnecessary radios—LTE, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Each of these settings attempt to locate signals, which can take a lot of battery when you’re not utilizing them.
  7. Keep an eye on your signal strength—if it’s low, turn it off.
  8. Keep your apps up to date. A lot of software and app updates have battery usage reducing benefits built in.
  9. Black wallpaper saves your battery because your phone only lights up the pixels that are there. It takes less energy to light black.
  10. Reducing the screen timeout can dramatically increase your battery life.
  11. Buy a battery specific to your device. Using generic batteries can limit the life of your battery and/or your mobile phone.

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