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Try these quick tips to make your new phone run at lightning speeds.

Isn’t starting up a new smartphone one of the best feelings? You finally moved from a traditional cell phone to a smartphone or upgraded to a new model, and it runs so quickly and smoothly that you’ll never go back.

But what if you could make it go even faster? There are a few different ways you can optimize the performance of your Android smartphone without sacrificing performance.

Out of the box, your phone will have factory settings that aren’t optimized. These settings are just fine for the general population, but for those requiring speed, we’ll guide you through what to change.

  1. Reduce Animations
    In your phone’s Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap About Device. Find the section labeled Build Number and tap it repeatedly 7 times. Press the back button and you’ll now see Developer Options above the About Device section. Tap Developer Options and find the following: Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale. From the factory, most of these will be set to 1x; reduce them to 0.5x or turn them off completely if you prefer.
  2. Use Statics Images Rather than Live Options
    The animated Live options for wallpapers and home screens can slow down the performance of your phone. Stick with static images for the fastest processing possible.
  3. Reduce Auto-Sync for Apps
    Go to Setting>Accounts>AutoSync and adjust the settings so that apps only auto-sync when you are using them. For some apps, you may have to go into the app itself, then the app’s settings to change this feature.
  4. Remove and Disable Bloatware (Unused Apps)
    A number of apps will already be installed on your phone straight out the of box. These could have come pre-installed from your carrier or the phone manufacturer, but either way if you don’t need it – toast it. Delete any unwanted apps by going to Settings>Apps, then browsing the list and uninstalling any you may not need. Repeat until all unwanted apps are removed.
  5. Try Lite Versions of Apps
    Speaking of apps, don’t be afraid to install new ones! Facebook, Google, Skype and many other popular apps offer lite versions that are less taxing on your phone’s system. Try these versions to help free up memory and improve the speed of your device.
  6. Enable Data Saver Mode in Google Chrome
    Google Chrome remains the web browser of choice for 90% of Android users. Enabling the data saving mode will speed up your mobile web browsing and help save data for those of you that may have limits on your phone plan. To enable, open the Chrome browser, tap the menu in the upper-right corner, tap Settings, tap Data Saver and toggle the switch in the upper-right corner.

These optimization tips will help any new Android smartphone run even faster, even the NUU Mobile G3. With 64 GB of internal memory (expandable to 128 GB), 4 GB of RAM and a 16nm Octa-core processor, the G3 is already blazing fast out of the box and executes demanding tasks with ease. With the G3, you won’t have to worry about your phone keeping up with the speed of life.

NUU Mobile specializes in budget-friendly smartphones that meet the demands of your life. Check out the full inventory of models to find the new Android smartphone that will fit your lifestyle without breaking the bank.

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