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Not only does the NUU i1 easily connect to your phone or tablet, you can even make phone calls using this global 4G LTE Hotspot. The NUU i1 will search out, and automatically join the strongest cellular network in your area including 100+ countries. The LED lights on the front of the i1 will indicate when it is receiving a 4G LTE signal.

Connecting to the NUU i1 is simple.

  1. Turn on the NUU i1 by pressing on the power button.
  2. Wait until the Internet Connection / 4G LTE LED lights turn green, this indicates that the i1 is connected to a local network and is ready to use.
  3. Look for the NUU Wi-Fi connection (SSID on back of the i1) with your device (phone, tablet, laptop etc).
  4. Select the connection.
  5. Enter the password when prompted.

The i1 creates a wireless Hotspot that is simple to join, and is capable of receiving up to 4G LTE signal. You link your phone or tablet to the NUU using the Wi-Fi connection on your device and connect as you would to any other secure Wi-Fi network. You’ll be able to get reliable Wi-Fi anywhere and anytime.

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