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Although we’re already one month into 2019, you can still use your smartphone to help you kick off (or stick with) all those New Year’s resolutions you made a few weeks ago. There are plenty of free apps available in the Google Play store to help you get organized, get in shape and eat healthier in the new year, which are three of the top resolutions people make each year. 

Remember, apps in Google Play are ranked using to keywords the app creator submits to the store. Apps that get the most downloads and the best ratings are listed first. So, we snooped around the Google store recently to compile this list of apps to help you maintain your New Year’s resolutions. 

First, we typed “new year’s resolutions” into the Google Play search bar. Google Keep, an app made by Google, combines a notetaking application with a task manager to help you get through your day smoothly. The app allows you to upload data directly from other Google applications, including your Android smartphone.  

Five more highly-ranked applications that can help organize your life and fulfill your New Year’s resolutions include: 

  • ICan New Year’s Resolutions. Choose from a list of pre-defined goals, or create your own. Features daily motivational quotes from world leaders. 
  • Goal Tracker and Habit Calendar. Set your habits, choose your goals and track your progress with this resolution calendar inspired by Jerry Seinfeld. 
  • 52 Weeks Money Challenge. Track the money you save each day with this smartphone app. Impels you to keep saving, as you watch your pile grow. 
  • New Year’s Resolutions 2019. Helps you record and track your resolutions, with room for explaining why your reasons for each particular resolve. 

New Year’s Resolutions: Six Smartphone Apps to Help You Get in Shape in 2019 

We tried “get in shape” as our Google Play search term, but that returned us popular healthy apps as well as fitness apps. When we got more specific, with “fitness” as our search term, we struck workout gold. 

Google has an app, Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking, that lets you track your workouts and monitor your goals. Best of all, the app connects with many devices such as your phone or your watch for automatic data uploads. 

If one of this year’s resolutions is to maintain your fitness, check out these apps. Our search in Google Play also provided us with these five suggestions for popular fitness apps you can use on your Android smartphone: 

  • Home Workout. Features workout programs without equipment. Learn to build muscle and increase strength, track your progress and share results. 
  • 30-Day Fitness Challenge. Challenge yourself to become more fit in one month. Choose your training level and type of workout, set your schedule. 
  • Fitness and Bodybuilding. Use weight-based training to target specific muscle groups for improvement. Each exercise has a video explanation.  
  • Lose Weight in 30 Days. Combines coaching tips with a workout plan, a meal plan and a calorie counter. Offers a safe way to lose weight quickly. 
  • Nike Training Club. Enjoy this library of workout instructions. Select the length, intensity and skill level of your workout, then track the results. 

New Year’s Resolutions: Six Smartphone Apps to Help You Eat Better in 2019 

We typed “eat healthy” at the Google Play search bar and turned up a bevy of applications designed to help you eat better in 2019. 

Google doesn’t offer an application for healthy eating, but we liked this Calorie Counter app that ranked high in our Fitness search. Just type in the name of the food you’re consuming – or scan the label – and the app tells you how many calories you’ll ingest. Simple and easy, great for quick searches for food details. 

If one of your resolutions is to eat better in 2019, maybe one of these apps can help. The five top-ranked healthy eating applications returned by our Google Play search include: 

  • Lifesum. Features a diet planner, calorie counter and food diary to track your food intake. Interacts comfortably with the Google Fitness ap. 
  • Healthy Food. Search for foods that contain specific nutrients in this diet planning app. Let’s you create a profile and develop your own model diet. 
  • Meal Reminder. List your meals, receive healthy eating reminders and follow your daily progress. Sounds simple, but users say it’s effective. 
  • Mealtime. Includes a meal planner, recipe suggestions and a grocery list. The app automatically creates your shopping list for your meal plans. 
  • Healthy Recipes. With more than 100,000 recipes in their database, you’re sure to find something you like. Collect, save and share your favorites. 

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