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A sleek new operating system opens up a world of possibilities

In the race for better, sleeker, faster smartphones, one segment of the market remains to be dominated: the low-cost, high-performing smartphone. The latest Android and Apple smartphones, in an effort to place mini computers in your pocket, require heavy software and sophisticated hardware. While the devices may get smaller and thinner, their inner workings continue to be bogged down by technology, which drives up the price.

Enter Android™ Oreo™ – Go Edition, affectionately referred to as Android Go. It’s the newest version of Android’s operating system and it truly is a game changer. Essentially, Android Go is a lighter version of Android’s popular Oreo 8.1 operating system. What do we mean by lighter?

  • Less intense software means less intense hardware. With software that takes a fraction of the memory to run, Android Go can be implemented in smartphones that have less sophisticated hardware, which will drop the price point dramatically.
  • Android Go is meant to run on devices that have less than 1 GB of RAM. To put that in perspective, most laptops today come with at least 4 GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has 6 GB of RAM and the iPhone X has 3 GB of RAM. An operating system that uses less RAM leaves more room for file storage.
  • Google’s Go version of their most popular apps take up 50% less space than before. In addition to the operating system using less space, so do the Google Go apps. This frees up storage on your phone without sacrificing the productivity and entertainment apps that make a smartphone appealing in the first place.

What Android Go achieves is offering a new audience a chance to enter the smartphone market. When it comes to big brands like Samsung and Apple, their phones can cost the same as a month’s rent – sometimes more. That total can be hard enough to swallow in a country like the United States. But what about countries like India, where 500 million users are expected to go online for the first time in the next five years?

High cost products like those we’ve traditionally been forced to buy won’t make the cut, but on the flip side, smartphone manufacturers can’t risk cutting corners and sacrificing the user experience.

Android Go opened the door for far more cost-efficient smartphones, breaking the monopoly on the market and allowing far more people to enter the digital and Internet age. Phones that utilize Android Go make a great choice for first-time smartphone users or an aging population that may not need all the bells and whistles of traditional smartphones.

After all, it is a lighter OS. For those that are used to a Galaxy or iPhone and whom depend on their high performance, a phone with Android Go is likely not for you. But for those out there that find themselves with a phone capable of far more than they need, smartphones with the new Android Go system provide an alternative that is worth the low-cost investment.

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Google, Android, Gmail and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC; Oreo is a trademark of Mondelez International, Inc. group.

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