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Let’s start with the basics – what is the screen aspect ratio on a smartphone? The screen aspect ratio is the height of the display screen compared to the width. Until recently, most smart phones have gone with a standard 16:9 screen aspect ratio. Sound familiar? That’s because most widescreen video also follows this same format.

Screen aspect ratio is not the same as display size, though. Actual display size is calculated by measuring diagonally across the screen. Most smartphones these days range from a 5.5” to a 6” display. By adjusting the screen aspect ratio, smartphone producers are able to increase the total display area, without increasing the size of the phone to the point where using it is inconvenient.

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Smartphones with 18:9 screen aspect ratios are taller and skinnier than what you may be used to now. However, these small changes bring about big benefits for users.

  1. Better Hand Hold
    If you use your phone often, you may have found yourself frustrated by trying to grip it securely or even reach a particular part of your screen. The narrower design of 18:9 phones allows for a better hand hold – and better usability – without reducing the display size. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference a fraction of an inch makes!
  2. Fit More Content on Screen
    This is for both gamers and multitaskers alike. For those that spend their time building empires or farming plots on their phones, the bigger display allows you to see your enemies quicker or harvest faster. Likewise, for those looking to multitask with Android’s split screen capabilities, the 18:9 ratio offers a better experience than the 16:9.
  3. Easier for Design on the Fly
    From business tasks to the latest social media apps, graphic design projects have never been so common. The larger screen aspect ratio allows designers more room to create and to let their work breathe, increasing productivity (or just frivolous fun!) in every part of your life.

You could spend a month’s rent (or more) on a new phone with an 18:9 ratio. Or you could check out the G3 from NUU Mobile. It’s available for pre-order and will start shipping soon! In addition to a great display and bigger aspect ratio, the G3 also includes dual-rear cameras and an edge-to-edge screen for an amazing viewing experience.

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