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The U.S. mobile phone market is trending towards no contract plans using unlocked phones.

The largest wireless companies will offer you the latest phone as long as you sign a contract promising you’ll stay with them for a couple of years, or pay a hefty fine if you want to leave because you are fed-up with the spotty coverage or lackluster customer service.

With NUU Mobile’s unlocked Android™ smartphones, you’re contract free, so you’re calling the shots. You get to pick what phone fits your lifestyle, and you’re on your way. Learn more here »

So you need a new phone and you’ve stumbled across NUU Mobile. First of all, excellent decision.

Let’s say you currently own a flip phone. If you do, congratulations—that must be one heck of a phone to have made it this far. Or perhaps you have a shattered screen on a different smartphone and are looking to replace it. OR, maybe you’re just looking to try something different—something NUU. Good news, your phone can only improve from here.

At NUU Mobile, we have several different choices to accommodate your lifestyle and find the best unlocked phone for you.

Our entry level series, the N Series, has all the essentials at an affordable price. Text, make calls, send emails, take pictures and more with the N5L and N5L—the budget friendly smartphones of your dreams. These phones pack the punch of a more expensive smartphone, but aren’t, so you can spend your leftover money accessorizing your phone and on a pizza.

Our mid-level series, the X Series, has some heavier specs than the NU Series. The X1, X3, and X4 are equipped to multitask more and can withstand your hours of YouTube and Netflix streaming. These mobile phones are between budget-friendly and flagship for those of you who want a high-performance phone while saving a little as well. Cheers to you, savvy shopper!

Last but not least, the Z Series. This is the big one. The game-changer. The flagship. This is the phone for those of you who want the best of the best. Impressive specs, awesome accessories, a sleek, unique design and all while still not breaking the bank. You’ll be on the forefront of a fantastic smartphone experience. Impress everyone with what your Z8 smartphone can do.

No matter which route you take, you’ll be buckled in for a ride on the superior smartphone express.

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