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NUU Mobile’s flagship smartphone features more than six years of dual SIM and technology expertise, and offers high-end capabilities at a reasonable price

Your unlocked G3 smartphone offers features you usually don’t get from a budget cellphone. From dual-SIM capabilities to advanced security systems to easy international calling, your stylish G3 phone provides you with services typically reserved for much more expensive smartphones.

Technology wise, your G3 smartphone takes advantage of all the bells and whistles available from the Android operating system.

For instance, you can use Google’s Near Field Communications (NFC) features on the phone to transfer payments between Android phones with just a bump. Or send a Bluetooth signal to speakers or other appliances.

Another example: your sleek G3 employs the latest charging technology, to accelerate the rate at which your phone accepts new juice.

We’ve picked five of these high-tech applications in your G3 smartphone to focus on today. Let’s take a look at how you can employ this Google technology, and see how it works.

Technology Advances: Get the Most from Your G3 Smartphone

The Google Android operating system has hundreds of applications already installed. Among the most valuable stock applications are dual SIM-card capability, fingerprint access, facial recognition access, Google NFC technology, and fast-charge technology.

These applications help protect access to your phone, provide you with time-saving applications and allow you to keep your phone fully charged. With these five features on your budget-priced G3 smartphone, you can:

  • Switch seamlessly to an international phone network;
  • Gain access to your phone just by looking at the screen, or;
  • Touch one button to open your phone;
  • Connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers;
  • Use mobile payment systems such as Google Pay;
  • Charge your phone while you continue multi-tasking.

Take a few minutes to explore these five features. Look into getting a second SIM card. Load your fingerprints and your face-photo into your phone. Hook up some wireless speakers. There’s more to the G3 than you might imagine.

Five High Tech Features of the G3 You’ll Love

The G3 pushes the curve when it comes to your expectations for a budge phone. You rarely find all these high-tech features in an unlocked smartphone that sells for less than $200.

The G3’s superfast Octacore processor lets you run these programs without a hitch. No lag at all! Here are five great tech features on the G3 smartphone that you‘ll appreciate:

  1. Dual SIM cards. If you’re dialing internationally on a regular basis, dual SIM cards are a must. Your second SIM slot also can hold a 64MG memory card. The G3’s dual SIM feature is perfect for international travelers and students, allowing you to:
    • Keep two phone numbers
    • Use two different calling plans
    • Travel with a local plan
  2. Facial recognition. Glance at your phone to unlock it. Once you’ve input your face, you just look in the front camera to gain access to your G3.
  3. Fingerprint sensing. Or touch your phone to unlock it. Also has pin, pattern or password capability. Tip: Load fingerprints from both hands, just in case.
  4. Google NFC. Featuring Android Beam for swapping files by bumping phones, this tech lets you pay bills, exchange files and use NFC “tags.”
  5. Fast-charge technology. The G3’s USB-C connector delivers more volts faster than older technologies, so you can charge up in minutes not hours.

Beauty truly meets design with the NUU Mobile G3 smartphone. Take a look, and you’ll find features usually reserved for much more expensive phones.

NUU Mobile specializes in high-quality, budget-friendly smartphones that meet the demands of your life. The G3 unlocked smartphone is the perfect combination of beautiful design and high-quality features, and its shimmering, sapphire blue color instantly becomes a conversation piece every time you use it. To learn more, check it out at

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