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One of the functions built into the Android operating system is the accessibility feature Google calls TalkBack. This feature helps vision-impaired usersadditional feedback that helps them interact with the device. It gives audible feedback to let you know what is on your screen or what you are touching. This means that the phone will operate differently than most people are accustomed to.

For example, let’s say you want to access the Settings menu. With TalkBack on, you first tap the Settings icon one time. For those who can see the screen, a green box appears around the icon and you hear the phone announce “Settings.” You then must double tap on the icon to enter the Settings menu.

Once you are in the Settings menu you may want to scroll down to access more choices that are not displayed on the screen. Instead of using one finger to simply swipe up or down, you need to place two fingers on the screen in order to swipe.

TalkBack is a wonderful feature for those who need it, but it can be frustrating at first if you don’t know how to operate when it’s turned on.

If your phone inadvertently has TalkBack turned on, just use the tips above (tap/double-tapand two-finger swipe) and navigate to Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack to turn this feature off.

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