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What can a NUU Mobile Android™ unlocked smartphone offer you?

  • No restrictive software

    • This gives you the freedom to choose your smartphone based on price and features rather than being tied to a specific carrier.
  • Choose your network

    • NUU Mobile phones are compatible with the following wireless networks: AT&T®, T-Mobile®, Lycamobile™, MetroPCS®, Net10 Wireless®, StraightTalk, Simple Mobile®, TracFone®, Cricket Wireless, and many more.
  • No long-term contract

    • No two-year plan for you—giving you the freedom to upgrade your cell phone.
  • Increased flexibility

    • An unlocked phone gives you the power to choose your carrier and plan, with no pressure to sign a long term contract.
  • Offer same features at a more accessible price

  • Exceptional quality

    • The biggest difference between NUU Mobile smartphones and cheap smartphones is quality. NUU Mobile designs and manufacturers affordable smartphones with the latest technology and includes a limited 2 year warranty on all mobile phones.
  • Not a prepaid phone

    • Prepaid devices are tied to specific networks, although NUU phones can be used on many prepaid networks. Unlocked phones can be used on any network they are compatible with and do not have carrier specific software on them.

Why do carriers lock phones?

  • They want to lock you into a contract

    • To lock you in, they give you a reduced price for the phone, then charge monthly for the term of the contract. Typically, the monthly cost is much higher than month to month plans because the carrier needs to recover the costs for the discounted phone.
  • Excessive penalties to opt out early

    • Many wireless carriers will allow you to opt out of a contract but with heavy penalties to discourage this.

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