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We all know that owning a smartphone is the equivalent of walking around with a computer in your pocket. And for many, smartphones have given even the most novice of photographers a chance to dabble in the art. That’s why many should be excited about the introduction of dual camera smartphones in many upcoming models.

Smartphone producers are challenging the DSLR photography foothold by introducing dual cameras in smartphones. What is a dual camera? To put it simply, it is a smartphone that has two camera sensors that work in unison to create one image. Usually, the main camera captures the image, and then the second camera helps add complexity to the photo, usually in the form of the depth of field. How these two cameras work together and what features they produce depends heavily on the manufacturer of the phone and the software they have developed.

Dual Camera Portrait

Portrait mode: focuses on subject and blurs the background.

For years, smartphones have had the same capabilities as many point-and-shoot digital cameras on the market. This has eliminated the need to carry multiple devices and presented the opportunity to capture minute, every day moments. However, SLR cameras have held on, as they provide more advanced photography features, like focusing and aperture settings. That is all changing though as dual cameras become more commonplace.

So why would you want dual cameras in your smartphone? Social media has now established itself in our lives, and what type of content gets the most likes and engagement? High-quality photos and videos.

Whether you’re looking to provide the best content to your followers or just want to send some great photos of your little one to her grandmother, better smartphone cameras help you capture every special moment of your life.

In particular, smartphone cameras:

  • Capture more detail
  • Work well in low light
  • Have better zoom quality
  • Provide more formats, like portrait or wide angle

G3 Dual Camera

Surely a phone that takes SLR quality photos would have an SLR price tag? Not necessarily. NUU Mobile offers a price-conscious smartphone, complete with dual cameras, facial recognition, an 18:9 display and other awesome features that won’t blow your rent budget. Available for pre-order at just $199.99, the G3 offers all the features of the latest smartphones and still leaves money in the bank to help create new memories.

NUU Mobile produces budget friendly smartphones without sacrificing features or performance. Check out NUU Mobile’s offerings online.

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