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Near mid-spring, the earth comes back to life and popular tourist destinations start to prepare for their busiest season. Summer is the most popular time for travel, especially internationally. Families will be taking vacations while the kids are out of school, and conversely, students will be studying abroad to complement their coursework.

For those that are planning on an extended stay overseas, staying connected is a number one priority. However, cellular plan providers worldwide have yet to agree on terms that would make life easier for international travelers. As it stands, each country requires a different SIM card, making that backpacking trip around Europe a little more difficult.

Travelers on shorter trips (about one week) may be able to get by on free Wi-Fi throughout their trip. That can be a risky maneuver, though. Some businesses that offer free Wi-Fi limit their usage to an hour, and navigation through your phone is completely lost unless you’re connected to the internet.

International plans provide another option, but can be costly. Even then, data speeds are typically in the 2G range and texts and calls are limited much more than your plan at home. What can a traveler do to stay connected while in another country?

A favorite tactic of international travelers is to keep their best phones, which must be unlocked, and purchase a SIM card from the country they are visiting. NUU Mobile users have an extra benefit on top of that. All of NUU Mobile’s unlocked Android smartphones come with Dual SIM capabilities. From the moment you touch down in a foreign land, you can be connected, whether it’s to your family, company, or friends, and all from the comfort of your familiar NUU Mobile device. The dual SIM allows you to keep these small devices safe throughout your stay abroad.

In addition to phones that operate domestically and internationally, NUU Mobile’s i1 Wi-Fi hostpot can be the perfect option for travelers. Rather than counting on free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, travelers can rest easy knowing they are connected in more than 100 countries worldwide. Most importantly, the i1 provides a secure internet connection so important emails and sensitive information stays where it belongs. You can even make international voice calls when connected to the hotspot.

For travelers looking for the best phones to use abroad, it doesn’t get much better than using your own device. In the unfamiliarity of another country, count on the connection, performance and mobility of NUU Mobile’s devices to help you stay connected.

International travel can be daunting. With NUU Mobile devices, you’ll find peace of mind and stay connected throughout your trip. Learn more about NUU Mobile’s smartphones here.

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