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The aisles in stores are filling with back to school supplies: notebooks, pens and binders. But teachers are also incorporating technology into the curriculum now. Most physical classrooms are outfitted with at least a tablet to help students learn in news ways and also to prepare them for a world that sees technological advancements every day. That’s not to mention all of the online courses available as well!

No matter the age, students can learn in and out of the classroom, all thanks to the computers in the palm of their hands. Smartphones removed barriers to information, and have allowed individuals to become subject masters. So as you or your children gear up for the school year, what are the best educational apps available on Android smartphones?

See below the best educational apps for Smartphones

Coursera (4.4 stars; 5 million downloads)

This app offers courses ranging from computer science to arts and humanities to personal development. Many of the courses were developed by prestigious schools like the University of Michigan, Stanford University, Duke University and more, and Coursera offers certificates of completion for many of their free and paid programs.

Khan Academy (4.6 stars; 1 million downloads)

Khan Academy is aligned with the U.S.’s Common Core curriculum and offers an education to anyone in the world, completely free. Traditional students, homeschoolers, administrators and even adults looking a refresher can sharpen their skills with content, practice problems and interactive learning methods.

YouTube (4.3 stars; 1 billion downloads)

For visual learners, YouTube can be a goldmine beyond discovering music and cat videos. Tutorials, from makeup to car repair, populate the platform and provide the instruction and demonstration needed to learn a new skill.

Duolingo (4.7 stars; 50 million downloads)

Ever wanted to learn a new language? Duolingo promises to help you learn new languages like Spanish, Japanese, Italian and more in just a few minutes a day. The app offers pronunciation help through your phones speaker and microphone, giving you the ability to not only read and comprehend, but also speak a new language fluently.

Kids Numbers and Math Free (4.2 stars; 5 million downloads)

A strong foundation in math can set a child up for success later on in life. Kids Numbers and Math helps early elementary children learn the most basic skills from counting to addition/subtraction to comparison as they collect “Bug Collection Puzzles.” With a focus on building learning into playing, Kids Numbers and Math is enjoyed by children and parents alike.

Photomath (4.5 stars; 10 million downloads)

Solve math problems using the camera of your phone. With handwriting recognition and step-by-step instructions on how to solve the equation, Photomath is an app that will help both those struggling with just one problem or just math in general.

Stack the States (4.5 stars; 50,000 downloads)

Learning facts about the 50 states can be a daunting task for many elementary children. Stack the States allows them to interact with the states in a new way and practice recognizing the states’ shapes and position within the U.S. Fun facts about each state are learned through quizzes and puzzles, with each level unlocking new opportunities.

With these free or low cost apps and a budget-friendly smartphone from NUU Mobile, you’ll be set to do your best this coming school year. Learn more about which smartphone is the right one to help you make the grade.

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