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Ronaldinho Street Cup – Miami 2018

NUU Mobile is bringing the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team to Miami to promote and participate in a street soccer tournament. The Ronaldinho Street Cup will take place in Miami in 2018.

More about the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team:

Brazilian football legend and current FC Barcelona ambassador Ronaldinho announces his next big career move. Regarded as one of the most skilled players of his generation, Ronaldinho has announced the launch of the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team. Renowned for his technique, tricks, dribbling, overhead kicks, no-look passes, and free kicks on the pitch, the legendary Ronaldinho is now going back to his street football roots.

An unprecedented move by the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team

In an unprecedented campaign, one of the world’s most popular athletes has carefully hand-selected the best street players in order to create a unique football experience unlike any before it.

In regards to his new campaign, Ronaldinho commented, “I want to bring back the beautiful game of football in a completely new way, while paying homage to the style and skills that were praised in the early days of the game… I’ve always loved to dribble; my game style has always been played like that… We are bringing to this game what is the most magical about football.”

The Ronaldinho Globe Street Team has two founding guidelines are emphasizing the art of dribbling and encouraging fair play.

“Fair play gives the freedom to dribble as you want, and it allows you to be audacious and explore the most of your creativeness. With fair play we are aiming [for] what is magical, what is beautiful about football… without trying to hit or hurt your opponent”, added the legend.

RGST will focus on showcasing amazing abilities, tricks, and skills in order to create an interactive show full of unexpected performances, providing a perfect opportunity for sponsors and brand activations as well.

In this game, dribbles, skills, and attitude are more important than scoring goals.
The games will leave fans mesmerized by the completely novel and unexpected football experience, focusing on generating global awareness of street-style football through the following objectives:

  • Inspiration through the art of dribbling.
  • Encouraging creativity and self-expression through fair play.
  • Creating a spectacular street football performance with the world’s top street players.

Working in collaboration with local partners as well as non-profit organizations, RGST athletes will also develop “social workshops”, educational charity events for local children, leaving a legacy of inspiration and empowerment through street football.

The Ronaldinho Globe Street Team is made up of the following players: Edward Van Gils, Randall do Rosario, Orry Promes and Issy Hamdoui.

The RGST along with NUU Mobile, will be organizing a tournament for the street soccer teams of the Miami area. The event is called the “Ronaldinho Street Cup”. The Ronaldinho team will play in an exhibition opening game against a selection of Miami athletes. They will also play the winners of the tournament in the closing game. Not only will this be an opportunity for local Miami athletes to demonstrate their skills and compete in a friendly tournament but it will also be an incredible opportunity for the public to see some of the greatest street soccer players in the world. Their performance will inspire, entertain and promote this exciting sport.

NUU – partners in sport.

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