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In the midst of the quickly developing COVID-19 outbreak, the smartphone manufacturer helps with donation of internet hotspots to Texas Middle School.

DALLAS, TX  (Mar. 31, 2020) — NUU Mobile, a global manufacturer and supplier of carrier-certified and unlocked Android™ smartphones, organized an effort to support its new community headquarters in Dallas with a donation to students at J. L. Long Middle School in Dallas Independent School District.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic across the United States, schools have been forced to close to ensure the safety of teachers and students, creating unprecedented challenges in continuing the progression of education — particularly for those students now sheltering themselves in households without internet access, making it impossible to collaborate with their teachers and fellow students.

To alleviate this situation, NUU Mobile, in cooperation with Ultra Mobile, the preeminent mobile virtual network operator in the United States, offered a home internet solution to students from Long Middle School. NUU Mobile donated F4L smartphones, operating as a mobile internet hotspot for the home through a SIM card for Ultra’s mobile service, providing 100 gigabytes of data over the course of three months. 

The F4L is one of NUU Mobile’s Android Go devices, which comes in a throwback flip-phone form factor. This makes it ideal for duty as a hotspot, given its natural durability when closed, and low-power consumption. Its battery charges fully within three hours, lasts on standby for 196 hours, and four hours of talk.

The NUU Mobile F4L and Ultra SIM solution also provides each student with a dedicated phone number for any school-exclusive phone conversations that may be required during this time.
The donations coincide with Nuu Mobile’s latest promotional giveaway #NUUClassroom for students, teachers and parents to tell their story on adapting to distance learning inturn being eligible to win a NUU Mobile device.  This program runs through April 26, 2020. Click here for details.

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