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Now you can upgrade your G3 smartphone to the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system for free with just a few clicks. If you own a G3 smartphone, all you have to do is tap Check for Updates under the Settings function on your phone.

The time it takes to upload your approximately 1.4 GB Over the Air (OTA) update can vary, based upon the speed of your service and other variables.

Upgrading your device to Oreo improves the performance of your G3 smartphone and provides you with new menus and options. Messages are easier to read, applications are accessed easily and updates are delivered smoothly. Best of all, this upgrade comes with absolutely no cost.

Why Oreo is Better than Nougat

You’ll notice how the phone boots-up faster, how apps load quicker. The settings menu has been redesigned to be easier to use, with new categories and subcategories. Otherwise, Oreo appears to the user much the same as Nougat.

Oreo lets you use picture-in-picture to multi-task on your phone while you video chat. The new autofill feature helps you fill out forms faster. Check out these other great improvements you’ll notice once you upgrade to Oreo:

  1. Notifications are improved. Oreo lets you exercise greater control over how notifications are displayed on your smartphone. Now you can snooze them for up to two hours, configure your own delivery schedule and tap interactive “notification dots” that alert you to notifications.
  2. Background activities are limited. Oreo lets you get more operating time out of your battery. In Oreo, an app that’s open in the background will run for only a short time before it’s automatically paused. Once paused, your app moves to an event schedule that pops up to remind you periodically.
  3. Downloadable fonts and adaptive icons are now included. Oreo expands your ability to communicate creatively on your smartphone with new emojis and fonts. At least 60 new emojis are available, and you can customize your own icons.

Finally, you won’t notice it but Oreo contains the foundations for a new security framework called Project Treble. The new security system makes it easier for programmers to provide updates for their applications.

Upgrade Your G3 to Oreo: Here’s How to Do It

Upgrading your G3 smartphone to the Oreo operating system is as easy as answering an update message on your phone.

Before you begin your upgrade, make sure your phone has enough power. Your G3 should be charged above 30% before you begin your download. The update is also quite large, so you may want to connect to a WiFi network rather than relying on your cellular data connection. To download the Android Oreo operating system into your G3 smartphone, just:

  1. Locate the download message on your phone. If you accidentally dismissed this notification or want to manually check for the update, here is what you need to do: Go to Settings > About Phone > Wireless Updates. Then tap Check for Updates.
  2. Download your new Oreo operating system. Follow the instructions to begin your upgrade. If the message to upgrade has not yet reached your phone, check back in another 24 hours.

Following your software update, your saved fingerprint and face unlock profiles will need to be manually re-registered. To reset please go to Settings > Face Unlock or Fingerprint to register again.

If your home screen icon placements have changed after the update, your cached launcher data will need to be cleared to reset your home screen to the original default position. To do this, please navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Info > Launcher 3 > Storage > Clear Data. Press OK.

NOTE: For reference after the update, please capture a screenshot of this information (Press volume down + power button simultaneously to save on your G3).

Customer Service Assistance

During the update process, our customer service contact information below will appear on your G3 screen.

NOTE: For reference after the update, you can capture a screen shot of this information (press volume down + power buttons simultaneously to save the screenshot image) or refer to our customer helpline details below.

For additional questions about this software update or your G3 smartphone, call NUU Mobile Customer Service at (844) 688-3365. You can also get in touch with us by email at [email protected], or on WhatsApp at (507) 271-6007.  We’re also available on chat at, and you can also contact us on our social media channels:

  • Instagram: nuu_mobile;
  • Facebook: NUU Mobile USA;
  • Twitter: @NUUMobile;
  • YouTube: NUU Mobile USA.

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